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This is the use of positive self-talk and affirmations when the subconscious is relaxed and receptive. Here’s a powerful autosuggestive technique. Either memorise these words, or record them onto a cassette tape. Repeat them, or listen to the tape, every night just before you go to sleep, and when you wake up in the morning. Say the words quietly to yourself as you listen. ’ 83 Practise mental rehearsal. If you know you’re going to face a difficult challenge, spend a few minutes each day imagining yourself there, thinking and acting confidently.

Similarly, when you speak and act confidently – even if it’s all a pretence – you feel more confident. Others assume you’re confident and treat you accordingly, which reinforces your behaviour and makes you feel even more confident. The opposite is also true. If you speak and act timidly, others assume you are timid and treat you as such, which reinforces your timidity. The ‘As If’ Principle is the fourth element of the ITIA Formula©. It simply states that when you act as if you are confident, no matter how uncomfortable you feel inside, you become confident.

5 3 11 Who do you imagine yourself to be? Our imagination will stretch to any scenario, but people lacking in confidence usually imagine themselves as failures. They do not realise that they cannot succeed at anything if they cannot imagine themselves doing so. How you imagine yourself may bear no relation to the truth, but it is this, rather than the reality, which governs your feelings and behaviour. Changing what you imagine about yourself can bring about a profound growth in confidence. When you imagine yourself as a good, capable, confident person, it becomes easier to think and behave like one.

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