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Книга написана крупнейшим французским античником Пьером Грималем, перу которого принадлежит несколько десятков трудов по истории Рима."A Concise Dictionary of Classical Mythology" is a distillation into short type of the one resource dictionary of old Greek and Roman myths and legends. in line with Grimal's unique dictionary, first released in 1951 in France the concise model covers almost all significant characters, and 8 genaeological tables current the central complicated relationships among gods and males. The entries be aware of imperative types of every legend, and basically the main major adaptations are lined, which will concentrate on the typical middle of classical literature. short definitions are go referenced to brief debts of the most legends.

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Dionysus hurled AMAZONS his thyrsus against Alpos, hitting him in the throat. Alpos fell into the sea. Althaea (Μλ0αια) The wife of Oeneus and mother of Deianeira and Meleager. When Meleager was seven days old the Fates predicted that he would die if the log which was then burning on the hearth was burnt to ashes. Althaea immediately put it out and hid it in a chest. According to other traditions this log was an olive branch to which Althaea had given birth at the same time as her son. During the hunt in Calydon Meleager killed Althaea's brothers.

She followed Helen to Troy as a slave, and some authors hold that she advised Helen to leave Menelaus and follow Paris. When the city was taken she was recog­ nized by her grandsons Demophon (2) and Acamas (3), who secured her release. It is said that at the death of The­ seus, Aethra killed herself for grief. Aetna (Αΐτνη) Aetna, whose name eventually became that of the vol­ cano Etna, was the daughter of Ura­ nus and Gaia or, by some accounts, of Briareus. When Hephaestus and Demeter were quarrelling over the ownership of Sicily (land of volca­ noes and corn) Aetna stepped in to act as arbitrator.

Alexandra (ΆλζξάνΒρα) See CAS­ SANDRA. Aloadae (Άλωάδαή The sons of Poseidon by IPHIMEDIA (Table 5). Iphimedia had fallen in love with Poseidon, and it was her custom to walk along the seashore scooping up the waves in her hand and emptying the water into her bosom. Even­ tually Poseidon succumbed to her love and gave her two sons, Otus and Ephialtes, who were giants; when they were nine years old they were four metres broad and seven­ teen metres tall. They decided to make war on the gods, put Ossa on Mount Olympus, and Pelion on top of both, threatening to climb up to the sky.

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