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Development in vitreo-retinal surgical procedure is mercurial. in view that this sequence is devoted to new advancements the reader is gifted with a motley record of issues. The developments defined right here might characterize as a rule authorized development within the box: New tools, Macular gap surgical procedure, Tumor biopsy. The textual content is well-structured textual content and the e-book bridges the distance among fundamental literature and day-by-day perform.

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Swift advances in deciding on the epidemiology, body structure, and genetics of glaucoma have resulted in dramatic advancements in diagnostic and healing thoughts. This new textual content will give you concise assurance of each significant medical step forward, in addition to the fundamental technology had to completely comprehend all manifestations of the sickness.

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S e v e r e pain in and around the e y e , w i t h photophobia and lacrimation. T h e conjunctiva is congested and ciliary flush is present. T h e r e is marked impairment o f vision. T h e r e then appears the train o f signs mentioned in the section headed PATHOLOGY : * m u d d y ' iris, sluggish pupil reaction, small irregular pupil, and in untreated cases all the pathological processes mentioned a b o v e , and the e y e m a y finish up as a painful blind one due to secondary glaucoma. I t will be convenient at this stage to consider the different t y p e s o f iritis as outlined under the heading AETIOLOGY.

A c n e R o s a c e a . — M a n y patients w i t h this complaint d e v e l o p an infiltrating keratitis w i t h much lacrimation and mucopurulent conjunctival discharge. Grey-coloured isolated patches of infiltration occur. These sometimes break d o w n and form small ulcers. Often iritis is present as well. These cases nearly always run a chronic course, and there is a marked tendency for relapses t o occur. — a. General and local treatment for the skin condition is essential, and the patient should consult a dermatologist.

T h i s can occur whenever a condition arises which prevents the lids from covering the cornea. It is most frequently seen in severe exophthalmos in Graves' disease, orbital tumours, exophthalmic ophthalmoplegia, facial paralysis, etc. T h e treatment is the same as that outlined for neuroparalytic ulcers. D e n d r i t i c U l c e r is discussed under V I R U S DISEASES ( p . 3 6 . ) INFILTRATIONS II. 33 INFILTRATIONS I t must be realized that the distinction between infiltrations and ulcerations is somewhat artificial, because i t is not a l w a y s possible t o say where the one begins and the other ends.

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