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21, 28-22, 2. , p. 43, 8; Theoph. p. 375, 28. 53Like Armenia, the Caucasian regions were a subject of conflict between Byzantium and Persia and, later on, even more vehemently, between Byzantium and the Arabs. In particular, Lazica, the ancient Colchis, was a crucially important area in Byzantine relations with both Persia and the Caliphate as well as with the northern nomadic tribes. The possessions on the south coast of the Crimea, centered around Cherson, were even more consistently important outposts.

Adontz, "L'2ge e t l'origine de l'empereur Basile I," Byzantion, g (19341, 242. so Theophanes, I :4 54. Bardas' Armenian origin is indicated b y his name. , I : 468. I do n o t k n o w o n w h a t basis Adontz refers t o this Bardas as t h e father o f Leo V t h e Armenian. N . A d o n t z , " R o l e o f t h e Armenians i n Byzantine Science," The Armenian Review, 3 , no. 3 ( ~ g j o )64. , Under Constantine V I , Irene, and h'icephorus I , w e encounter a number o f persons w h o bore t h e Armenian n a m e Bardanes and w h o were probably Armenians: Bardanes, patrician and domesticus scholarum; Bardanes, general o f t h e Thracesians; Bardanes, called t h e T u r k , general o f t h e Anatolicon, w h o made a n a t t e m p t t o seize t h e throne; Bardanes, called Anemas, a spatharius.

Adontz has tried to prove the Armenian origin of Maurice: "Les legendes de Maurice et de Constantin V, empereurs de Byzance," Annuaire de l'lnstitut de Philologie et dlHistoire Orientales, 2 (Brussels, 1g34), 1-12. But see Goubert, op. , 36-41. 40 Sebeos, Histoire d'HLraclius, tr. from Armenian by F. Cf. F. Dijlger, Regesten der Kaiserurkunden des ostromischen Reiches, I (Munich, 1g24), p. 13, no. 108. 41 Kicephorus, Opzcscula Historica, ed. C. de Boor (Leipzig, 1880)) 65, 66; Theophanes, I:427, 429; Michael Syrus, Chronique, ed.

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