Stefan Bauer (auth.), Tammo tom Dieck (eds.)'s Algebraic Topology and Transformation Groups: Proceedings of PDF

By Stefan Bauer (auth.), Tammo tom Dieck (eds.)

Contents: S. Bauer: The homotopy form of a 4-manifold with finite primary group.- C.-F. Bödigheimer, F.R. Cohen: Rational cohomology of configuration areas of surfaces.- G. Dylawerski: An S1 -degree and S1 -maps among illustration spheres.- R. Lee, S.H. Weintraub: On definite Siegel modular sorts of genus and degrees above two.- L.G. Lewis, Jr.: The RO(G)-graded equivariant usual cohomology of advanced projective areas with linear /p actions.- W. Lück: The equivariant degree.- W. Lück, A. Ranicki: surgical procedure transfer.- R.J. Milgram: a few comments at the Kirby - Siebenmann class.- D. Notbohm: The fixed-point conjecture for p-toral groups.- V. Puppe: easily hooked up manifolds with no S1-symmetry.- P. Vogel: 2 x 2 - matrices and alertness to hyperlink thought.

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0, = • o T h e most effective way to visualize tIGS is to display FIGS a 0 for various a on a coordinate plane in which the horizontal and vertical coordinates specify lete[ and lad respectively. 2 below, the zero values of HeS* 0 are indicated by blanks. T h e only values in this plot with odd horizontal coordinate are the R_ and L_ on the horizontal axis and the (7//2} in the fourth quadrant. • . 2. - (7//2) (~/2) ... (7//2) (7//2) ... (~12) (~12) ... (~/2) (7//2) ... H~S ° for p = 2. Even though the representation ring of G is much more complicated when p :/= 2, I-I~S ° is completely determined by the integers a and ]o~GI except in the special case where Isl = c~c ---- 0.

For any finite group G, there is a box product operation [] on the category ~Jl of G-Mackey functors which behaves like the tensor product on the category of abelian groups. In particular, ~0l is a symmetric monoidal closed category under the box product. The Burnside ring Mackey functor A is the unit for •. If G = 27/p, then the box product M [] N of Mackey functors M and N is described by the diagram I-M(1) ® N(1) ® M(e) ® N ( e ) ] / ~ M(e) ® N(e) 0 The equivalence relation ~ is given by x®ry ~ px®y for x C M(1) and y e N(e) rv®w ,,~ v®pw for v C M ( e ) a n d w C N(1).

E. the number of orbits of components the action of Proposltion 3.!. For number of irreducible [A: P] of each 1 untwisted components of Generators of A/P subgroup AA under A .............. F(2), the Number of cgmponents 30 2 Pl 24 4 Pl' P2 20 4 Pl' ql 21 4 Pl' q2 19 8 Pl' P2' P3 18 8 Pl' P2' ql 17 8 Pl' P2' q3 16 64 Pl' P2' P3' q l ' q2' q3 12 Again of is as follows: - Proof. Z = ZF A/F. there are many cases and we shall merely indicate a few. Recall (Z/2) f: X--+ X0 + (Z/2) f-l(1), and generated f-l(=) matic represents is a branched covering with group by p and having cardinality q, with each of two.

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