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By Patrick Tilley

First released in 1985 and now reissued. Set in the world within the aftermath of a nuclear battle, a neighborhood of underground army team of workers release a lone flier into the overground international ruled by way of adversarial, radiation-mutated people. The process those activities seem set to figure out the way forward for humanity.

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But they had not told him whether it would be as their friend or their enemy... The bond of friendship and understanding he had forged with Mr Snow and Cadillac, the two wordsmiths, still held; his feelings for Clearwater would, he was sure, never alter. But even with her image burning bright in his mind, older, deep-rooted emotions had begun to stir. His flight in the Skyrider, the sight of the sleek new Skyhawks had reawakened his fascination with hardware; the instruments of war. This was where the real power lay - in the technological superiority of the Federation.

Just before they banked eastwards, Steve took a last look at the chain of circular lakes occupying the point on his map labelled Albuquerque. The sight caused him to reflect on what Mr Snow had told him about the War of a Thousand Suns. What he had learned had shaken his previous unquestioning belief in the Federation's account of the Holocaust. How could the Mutes who, despite their mysterious powers, were at best untutored savages with a primitive life-style, have wrought such changes in the earth?

This belief in their 'otherness' had become their secret and throughout their brief childhood, they had been inseparable. By the time he was fourteen - the age at which, in the Federation, you were regarded as an adult - Steve, who admitted no other friends, was aware that the relationship between Roz and himself went beyond the bounds of kinship as defined by the Manual. Leaving Roosevelt Field to begin his year of labour service with the Young Pioneers, Steve had pretended not to care about being parted from Roz.

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