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By T.C. And Kurt Benirschke Hsu

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Order: Family: LAGOMORPHA LEPORIDAE Oryctolagus cuniculus (Laboratory rabbit) 2n=44 AUTOSOMES: 34 Metacentrics, submetacentrics or subtelocentrics 8 Acrocentrics or telocentrics SEX CHROMOSOMES: X Submetacentric Y Submetacentric Karyotypes were obtained from kidney cultures of male and female domestic white rabbits. : 432, 1956. The chromosome complement of the rabbit. K. : Karyologic studies on cells from rabbit cornea and other tissues grown in vitro. Invest. Ophthal. :33, 1962. 3) Teplitz, R.

Exp. Cell Res. ~:183, 1963. , Parshad, R. : On the meiotic and somatic chromosomes of the rabbit. Oryctolagus cuniculus. Res. Bull. ) Panjab Univ. 14:171, 1963. C. : Chromosome studies of virus-induced rabbit papillomas and derived primary carcinomas. J. Nat. Cancer Inst. ~:1197, 1963. : Etudes sur les relations virus-chromosomes. V. - Le caryotype du lapin domestique. Ann. L'Inst. Pasteur 109:465, 1965. , Hansen-Melander, E. : idiogram of the rabbit. Hereditas ~:63, 1965. , Oishi, H. : Chromosome studies on the hare and the rabbit.

2) Ohno, S. : Sex chromosome behavior pattern in germ and somatic cells of Mesocricetus auratus. Chromosoma ~:362, 1961. 3) Lehman, J. , Macpherson, I. : Syrian hamster. J. Nat. Cancer Inst. ll:639, 1963. Karyotype of the 4) Galton, M. : DNA replication patterns of the sex chromosomes in somatic cells of the Syrian hamster. Cytogenetics l:97, 1964. 5) Fredga, K. : Male meiosis in the Syrian, Chinese, and European hamsters. Hereditas 52:36, 1964. : Karyotypes and labeling studies of Cavia porcellus, Microtus agrestis and Mesocricetus auratus.

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