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By Julia Quinn

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She never had time to go to the park. Araminta didn't even give her a day off like the other servants received. "We shall have to take a stroll together," Benedict said. " His head cocked slightly to the side, and his eyes narrowed just enough so that Sophie knew that he had noticed her evasion. But he simply said, "I don't know. Perhaps, like you, I'm reminded of something I miss. " "It probably reflects the sky," Sophie commented. "Which is, more often than not, more gray than blue," Benedict said with a laugh.

And even though she knew that this entire evening was a lie, that she was a nobleman's bastard and a countess's maid, that her dress was borrowed and her shoes practically stolen—none of that seemed to matter as their fingers twined. For a few hours, at least, Sophie could pretend that this gentleman could be her gentleman, and that from this moment on, her life would be changed forever. It was nothing but a dream, but it had been so terribly long since she'd let herself dream. Banishing all caution, she allowed him to lead her out of the ballroom.

All—all right," Sophie said slowly. Araminta was acting very odd, even for Araminta. " Sophie hurried to the stairs. " Sophie turned around. " she asked hesitantly. Araminta's lips tightened into an unattractive frown. " Sophie stared at her. She actually wanted Sophie to give the order to have herself locked in the closet? " Sophie couldn't quite bring herself to nod. Some things were simply too demeaning. Araminta marched over until their faces were quite close. "You didn't answer," she hissed.

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